I Have 6 Minutes

As mentioned earlier I have some time in the morning before work because I get up well before I need to be there. It is nice not having to rush. It is better feeling awake when the alarm goes off! Karen is trying to get in earlier, but has not succeeded today. She is almost ready and said she would be ready in 6 minutes. SO here I am typing drivel.

204 (Oops, how did that happen?)

Slowly melchman.net Recovers

Well, after much copying pasting reformatting and other string tricks melchman.net is back to a maintainable level.


Sick Again

Sorry for not posting. I got really sick again. Karen was at the JDA User Conference in Las Vegas. She brought a bug home with her. She was wiped out most of the weekend and I was wiped out the rest of it. Didn't get to work until Tuesday.

Lost 3 pounds for my agony.


New Host and Registrar

I am switching to iPowerWeb for hosting and domain registrar. I hope the transition is smooth and you won't notice. On the outside chance I am embarking on a disastrous adventure, I thought I should warn you.

209 <== Is this possible?

Jamaica Warning

Friday the 26th through June 4th there will be no subtext.melchman.net updates. I am in Jamaica. Don't call! Don't write! I will be incoherent and drunk and in the pool.

Readers may recall we bought the Internet access package last time and I updated anyway.

Dr. Chuck Intervention

Dr. Chuck is a friend, bLogger and countryman. See his new badge link1 on the home page. Dr. Chuck cares for music and radio much like Pete at ickmusic. They have very different areas of special interest, but the same depth of interest.

Dr. chuck is suffering from techno lag.

We need to help Dr. Chuck.

This is a shameless plea for comments, but it is time for an intervention. Dr. Chuck, sit down and listen up!


Rip them into iTunes. You can organize and reorganize there using playlists, categories and genre. Store your polymer and aluminum is a nice comfortable scratch-free case library. You can even go retro and get the cases that look like books and put them on the shelf like your very own encyclopedia set.

1 Dr. Chuck is now blogging at wordpress

Quiet Time

Apparently, despite the warnings, someone took offensive to my comments. We are in quite mode now.

Please people, if you are easily offended STOP READING My BLOG! There are billions of pages out there.



Working late has it's upside, I am usually up before I have to leave so I get a moment to update the web log!

BTW Subtext Is Back

I upset someone close to me with a posting. I evaluated the content and pulled some entries, but the web log is back. Hopefully I can continue without hurting someone else.

Big Oops!

I exported the fictional Melcher Munitions Catalog site over the RW root. I quickly removed the bad export and corrected the problem. I also deleted by RW project files. I will be rebuilding the site for the next few weeks. Please pardon our dust!

Most of the content is still here, but the index is gone and I will need to recreate it page by page.


A guy at work runs a really nice bLog called ickmusic. His name is Pete Icke and the topic is music so, ickmusic it is. Check it out , post a message and tell him Jim sent you!

Shadowrun is ON for April 1. It is looking like 4 players so far and should be an all day kind of thing. Still room for more players! We are just starting out, so the other characters will not be so far out in front that you will feel like the schoolyard weakling.



I hope this is the first entry for the new host. Welcome to melchman.net on iPowerWeb.