I Got Fooled

Half my players called and cancelled today. No Shadowrun for me.


Other Stuff I Forgot To Say While I Was Lying In Bed Sick and Thinking

More Shadowrun this weekend. Everyone but Kurt is coming out for the Scottsdale campaign this Sunday. I still have to get the Shadowrun section in shape.

Ridgeline A/C sucks! It has been around 100 degrees this week and the Ridgeline A/C has failed I am taking it to them tomorrow to get it fixed. Maybe that is why I lost 3 pounds this week!

Got a new HDTV with a minty new wide display? Get a PlayStation 2 to play your games again. It is the coolest! Seriously I have a buncha friends who are re buying the PS2 now that it is down to $129 so they can get a rerun on their games in 1080. I thought it was a super geeky thing only I wanted to do, but I am not alone. You know your old one is shot, buy anew one with a net card and get online. What? Are you waiting for that fad to pass? Right! That's going to happen.

Expanding the Documentum core of knowledge has been fun. I am practicing the high level stuff that I was preaching at Purdue and never got to use. Now I am diagnosing unexpected behavior and really getting to see the gears turn. I have more training next month (after Jamaica).

Speaking of after Jamaica, I may be full time at Countrywide in my post island posts. If all works as planned.

I completely blew it for Mom's Day. I was passed out for most of it. Still I completely skipped it. (Bad Seed Points +25) My sisters showed up to make Mommy Brunch. Brown nosers!

Bad Seed Points: 829,546 (Family Record: 2,385,367,678)

Big Oops!

I exported the fictional Melcher Munitions Catalog site over the RW root. I quickly removed the bad export and corrected the problem. I also deleted by RW project files. I will be rebuilding the site for the next few weeks. Please pardon our dust!

Most of the content is still here, but the index is gone and I will need to recreate it page by page.


A guy at work runs a really nice bLog called ickmusic. His name is Pete Icke and the topic is music so, ickmusic it is. Check it out , post a message and tell him Jim sent you!

Shadowrun is ON for April 1. It is looking like 4 players so far and should be an all day kind of thing. Still room for more players! We are just starting out, so the other characters will not be so far out in front that you will feel like the schoolyard weakling.



I am making tons of progress on my next adventure. I did some geography research and found my little town in Salish. By my estimate it is probably in Makah Territory which fits with my anti-anglo theme just fine.

I had to change the timelines a bit. The hike is a lot longer and harder than I hoped. The rides are much shorter than I need them to be. I am planning to slow that down with and Electro motor up Rocky Mountains. Mostly the plot line remains in tact, just some details to correct.

I also had an opportunity to bring the Sixth World pages in line with the site style. If you did not read these yet, it is time. They look much more consistent with the rest of the site.