More Power!

The heat pump is here and hooked up to the pool, but there is no power to run the unit. We called the electrician and have not received a response yet. Hope he can get here soon. I would really like to get warm water.


142 Days Without Rain

We finally got rain. After 142 days with nothing we got a good solid rain. I think it rain more than 24 hours. My yard is just starting to dry up after being 4" under water in spots.

This is not a monsoon rain, though. Monsoon rains flood the pool and the whole yard!

Electrician Is Here

Kevin the electrician is here working on powering the heat pump. He is nearly done so we should have warm water today.

It appears the neighbors are getting some work done on the pool. There are guys with jackhammers and a dust cloud from the pulverized concrete. It is very noisy. Hey! They just backed a truck up in their driveway. I guess to haul away the concrete chunks?


Record Heat, High Wind

Apparently after a record setting temperature day we are getting a super windy night.

Heat Pump

The installers from Leslie's should be here any moment to install the heat pump so we can use the pool again. The pool season is long here, but from October to April the pool is just chilly. The water is still under 60 Fahrenheit. It was 42 in January. Last July it was 80.

Growing up in Pennsylvania these numbers seem high, but the air temp differential is much higher. I have not considered why it feels so cold, but I am sure there is a good solid explanation.



Kevin is done and the heat pump is raising the pool temperature.

Well, it excited me!

Sleeping with the Windows Open

The heat hasn't kicked in for a week, must be time to open the windows! That's right last night we slept with the windows open. In February! Don't tell my mother, she will claim I was heating the neighborhood!

Monsoon Strikes Again

Wind, rain, flying umbrella, overturned chair, that is Arizona in July. Nice!