Melcher Canyon

The canyon is a fantastic sight that must be witnessed to be appreciated. Everyone that comes to Arizona wants to see "The Canyon" and none are disappointed.

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Desert Inspired

Sedona inspired Caily to draw a picture for me. It has the Red Rock in the background. There are two kinds of palms from our yard. The big Mesquite tree crushing our wall. She even included two type of cactus form the drive.

Melcher Visit

My mother complained about our move to the desert as being just too far! This complaint fell on deaf ears when I learned that a trip to Las Vegas was planned for last year a few weeks after we moved. It seems Vegas is not "too far" but I was. This year my cousin planned to get married again. The wedding was in Colorado. This was also within her perplexing travel limits as Colorado is so much closer than Arizona?

Having toppled this myth we earned a visit from my parents. My niece Caily made the trek with them.

Sedona features the rusty rock formations that are alien and mystical. It has obvious evidence of ancient culture everywhere. My mother is a history fanatic, especially American History including the original inhabitants.

Caily seemed more impressed by the art village called Telaquepaque.

Photo Album: Sedona

Ocho Rios

We made it to Sandals again this year. We gave Brett a graduation gift, one week in a Jamaican paradise with his girlfriend. He loved it. We got to vacation at Sandals. Win, Win.

Photo Album: Ocho Rios

Walsh Canyon

The Walsh women were out to AZ and we included a Canyon trip in the itinerary. This was the second trip to the canyon. It is a very popular attraction for the family.

Photo Album: Grand Canyon


Karen is pursuing her MBA and one of the courses took them to Mexico.