Slowly Recovers

Well, after much copying pasting reformatting and other string tricks is back to a maintainable level.


Big Oops!

I exported the fictional Melcher Munitions Catalog site over the RW root. I quickly removed the bad export and corrected the problem. I also deleted by RW project files. I will be rebuilding the site for the next few weeks. Please pardon our dust!

Most of the content is still here, but the index is gone and I will need to recreate it page by page.


I hope this is the first entry for the new host. Welcome to on iPowerWeb.

New Host and Registrar

I am switching to iPowerWeb for hosting and domain registrar. I hope the transition is smooth and you won't notice. On the outside chance I am embarking on a disastrous adventure, I thought I should warn you.

209 <== Is this possible?

BTW Subtext Is Back

I upset someone close to me with a posting. I evaluated the content and pulled some entries, but the web log is back. Hopefully I can continue without hurting someone else.

Quiet Time

Apparently, despite the warnings, someone took offensive to my comments. We are in quite mode now.

Please people, if you are easily offended STOP READING My BLOG! There are billions of pages out there.



Working late has it's upside, I am usually up before I have to leave so I get a moment to update the web log!