Sharon Drive

More Power!

The heat pump is here and hooked up to the pool, but there is no power to run the unit. We called the electrician and have not received a response yet. Hope he can get here soon. I would really like to get warm water.


Moving Fast Now!

The plumbing and lighting is nearly complete. The motor for the Jacuzzi is getting wired in tomorrow. It is really looking great now.

We should be in the bathroom by Saturday. Check it out: Almost Done!

142 Days Without Rain

We finally got rain. After 142 days with nothing we got a good solid rain. I think it rain more than 24 hours. My yard is just starting to dry up after being 4" under water in spots.

This is not a monsoon rain, though. Monsoon rains flood the pool and the whole yard!

Living At Home Is Such A Drag

We are in full swing on the Master bath project. There are holes in the wall and ceilings. The electrician needed to run a circuit for the Jacuzzi tub motor. As with every utility in this house the connection (electric box) is on the opposite side of the house from the appliance! They fished and snaked and finally got the power to the bath room.

Everything is covered with plastic to avoid getting dusty.

Taking Shape

The master bath project is passing the destruction phase and entering the taking shape phase. The demolition is done. The new circuit for the tub motor is in. The plumbing is nearly complete. Some drywall has gone up and repairs to the rest of the house (to damage done running the circuit) is getting fixed.

I am particularly happy with the new openess of the space. It is a narrow room and much of the space was wasted in dead zones. The new layout has a wider look and utilizes open space for passage while cramming feature into the bath.

The body jets in the shower are set. The tub fill is cut into the ceiling. We are getting the skeleton done.

Yes, I said tub fill and ceiling. Take a look.

Master Bath Project Begins

We contacted Expo and made an appointment with their designer to update the master bath.


Electrician Is Here

Kevin the electrician is here working on powering the heat pump. He is nearly done so we should have warm water today.

It appears the neighbors are getting some work done on the pool. There are guys with jackhammers and a dust cloud from the pulverized concrete. It is very noisy. Hey! They just backed a truck up in their driveway. I guess to haul away the concrete chunks?


Heat Pump

The installers from Leslie's should be here any moment to install the heat pump so we can use the pool again. The pool season is long here, but from October to April the pool is just chilly. The water is still under 60 Fahrenheit. It was 42 in January. Last July it was 80.

Growing up in Pennsylvania these numbers seem high, but the air temp differential is much higher. I have not considered why it feels so cold, but I am sure there is a good solid explanation.



Kevin is done and the heat pump is raising the pool temperature.

Well, it excited me!

Sleeping with the Windows Open

The heat hasn't kicked in for a week, must be time to open the windows! That's right last night we slept with the windows open. In February! Don't tell my mother, she will claim I was heating the neighborhood!

Tiling Is Done

The master bath project has hit a great milestone. The tile work is done. We should be in the bathroom by Saturday. Check it out: Tile!

Short Days

The short days are really getting me down. I am driving to work in the dark and I get home to less than 30 minutes of daylight. I just can't get anything done during the week! I have been working with my landscape lighting. I replaced the old wires that were wrapped up in the roots of the plants and trees. I needed to move the lights because the plants they were originally placed to light have grown over them.

I got some Home Depot Gift Cards this year so I am having a ball spending them.


Monsoon Strikes Again

Wind, rain, flying umbrella, overturned chair, that is Arizona in July. Nice!


Finally Finished the Master Bath and moved back in the downstairs bedroom.

Tile and Finish

The walls were up, electricity run, plumbing places and now the tile work was dragging on and on.

Photo Album: Tile


The Master Bath Project was in full build mode. Living at home was such a drag. Spending our lives upstairs without being back in the East was weird.

Photo Album: Build Up


The Melchers cleared out and demolition began in earnest! We are on our way to a new spa style bath.

Master Bath

Since we seem to be settling in to Sharon Drive it was time to update one important room. It was still the builder stock bathroom and had the "cultured marble" to prove it. We gutted the master bath and completely changed it to be more like the spa and Sandals bathrooms we love.

Photo Album: Inexpensive Horror

January Flowers

I was fascinated by the flowers in the desert. I had the Saharan ideal in my mind and was floored to see plants and flowers everywhere. The long growing season here makes monsters out of species I used to consider house plants.

We added more photos from our yard at Sharon Drive. I even have some sarcastic shots of my flowers in January!

Photo Album: January


Here is a thought for February