Christmas Shopping

I went out to spend the Gift Cards today. I got my Wet Dry Vacuum I have been wanting for some time now. I got the hose hookups so I can suck the saw dust out of the Table saw and not coat the floor in a fine dust! I also bought some landscape lighting stuff to correct some problems with the current lighting.

I was out with the DHL friends last night. We hit the Devil's Martini early and had a great time. That place completely changes after 11:00!


Gift Card Conversion

This was a Gift Card Only Christmas. Since we fly in and fly back home we need to keep the gifts from the family to a “carry on” minimum. I spent my Home Depot Gift Cards on a Wet Dry Vacuum. It is a completely guy thing to proudly show pictures of your Wet Dry Vac. My excuse was to show the folks at home what they "really" got me for Christmas.