Other Stuff I Forgot To Say While I Was Lying In Bed Sick and Thinking

More Shadowrun this weekend. Everyone but Kurt is coming out for the Scottsdale campaign this Sunday. I still have to get the Shadowrun section in shape.

Ridgeline A/C sucks! It has been around 100 degrees this week and the Ridgeline A/C has failed I am taking it to them tomorrow to get it fixed. Maybe that is why I lost 3 pounds this week!

Got a new HDTV with a minty new wide display? Get a PlayStation 2 to play your games again. It is the coolest! Seriously I have a buncha friends who are re buying the PS2 now that it is down to $129 so they can get a rerun on their games in 1080. I thought it was a super geeky thing only I wanted to do, but I am not alone. You know your old one is shot, buy anew one with a net card and get online. What? Are you waiting for that fad to pass? Right! That's going to happen.

Expanding the Documentum core of knowledge has been fun. I am practicing the high level stuff that I was preaching at Purdue and never got to use. Now I am diagnosing unexpected behavior and really getting to see the gears turn. I have more training next month (after Jamaica).

Speaking of after Jamaica, I may be full time at Countrywide in my post island posts. If all works as planned.

I completely blew it for Mom's Day. I was passed out for most of it. Still I completely skipped it. (Bad Seed Points +25) My sisters showed up to make Mommy Brunch. Brown nosers!

Bad Seed Points: 829,546 (Family Record: 2,385,367,678)