10 Signs You Are A Body Nazi

My wife is losing weight. She is very serious about this process and is making the commitments of time, money and energy to accomplish her goals.

We have always been on the slothful end of the spectrum. Well, I have always been on the slothful end, anyway. I am therefore keenly aware of the small changes in her attitude and outlook that accompany changes in diet and exercise. I am unsure if it is inherent in the process or just an attitude you acquire by working out with other fitness freaks, diet dealers and iron pumpers.

Sign #1

”My personal trainer said..."

First thing is having a personal trainer. I would not even know where to find one. I am very sure I don't know where they work.

I am a life long geek. I used to get beat up at recess by guys who become personal trainers. My only defense mechanism is to consider them to be less intelligent than me. Therefore following the advice of someone I consider less intelligent just doesn't make sense. I (the sloth) would never utter the words, "My personal trainer said..."