NASCAR Done Rotted My Brain!

My employer launched a new product line today. Those crazy mortgage folks decided maybe with the downturn in the housing market that there might be "gold" in car insurance. They launched automobile insurance in a quicky, kitschy, silly way today.

One of the many features of this launch was decorating the cafeteria. Lots of logos and checkered flags and race cars. All things we should be associating with safe and responsible driving among our future insured!

Wait, that is not the funny part, that is just corporate life.

The funny part was inside my brain. As I was walking out of the cafeteria with my morning caffeine I passed under a piñata of a racecar. It had a number 29 on it.

So. What was the next "word" to enter my conscious thoughts?


NASCAR done rotted my brain!

Next thought?

Them colors is all wrong, someone has to update that paint!

Curse you, Jason Jones!