Final Tally

Acquisition200Cockpit Cabinet
Floor Mat5 
T Molding25 
Lock Set7 
Monitor80Norm Bender
AR II Fix6030 x 2 for the cockpit
PCB Fix80 
Bullet Proof Kit20Adds some caps to the power supply and links some grounding on the board
Fans30Adding fans to keep it cool in there
Total537In the Game Room
Rick’s painting patience remains legendary. Karen painted this cabinet as well. Lots of restored art here.

Burn Test

Sarah had the opportunity to test this game for a few hours. She is 6, so reaching the pedals was a challenge. Finally resolved buy me or Susan stepping on the gas while she would steer.

She set some nice scores!

Board fix

The Pole Position died in Arizona, probably baked in the garage in the desert. I am getting back into the hobby and decided to get this one working again.

We sent the boards and two AR II board to El Dorado for fixing. $130 later it is running fine. We applied the bullet proofing kit with extra caps and grounding wires. I bought two fans to add for improved cooling. Hopefully this will extend the life of this unit.

Sound Correction

I diagnosed the sound board problem and fixed it right up, everything is great now.


I put it all back together with a monitor picked up from Norm. It works but the sound is not right.