Final Tally

Acquisition500Dedicated Universal
PCB Fix40Original was Glitchy
Instruction Card15
Repair Kit20Headlight Restoration Kit
Coin door Lights1I keep these on hand
Marquee / Back Lights24100 VAC T10 bulbs and starters including shipping
Total600Big Find


Mr. Do! (Universal) has a marquee light like most cabinets, but also features a back glass that reminds me of a Wurlitzer Juke. These lights were designed and source for Japan. The electricity is 100 VAC and the starters and bulbs are built for that current. Nintendo cabinets have a similar set up. I had a little trouble finding the bulbs at 1000Bulbs, but I could not find the starters. David found them from his prior searches for Nintendo games.

Instruction Card

I used a Headlight Restoration Kit to restore the plastic instruction card I acquired at VfaD 2013. It really worked and the final product is beyond my expectation.

Restoration Log: Mr. Do! Instruction Card

Coin Door Lights

David replaced the lights behind the coin door and it looks really nice. This unit is getting better and better.

More Parts

I acquired a dingy Instruction Card at the VfaD 2013. It has some cigarette burns and is a little bent but it is better than the black plastic cover I have now.