Finished and For Sale

I forget to take final state pictures once I move on to a new project. Dig Dug is done. The final product pictures are in the Photo Log.

Photos: Final State

Bottom Right

Not always pretty, but truly necessary. After all the work on the left side, the right side needed attention after the molding was done. The swelling and flaking hit this side as well. There is an edge where I tried to take the swelling down but could not risk losing more of the vinyl side. It is a compromise between the width it should be and the width it was swelled out. Fortunately it is an are that will be out of sight and blocked by the next game or the carpet pile.

Photos: Right Edge

Painted Over

Bottom of left is better after Bondo. There was water damage and it just kept flaking off. I “dug” down to the stable section and filled with Bondo. After the molding channel is cut and the molding is on this will be a solid unit again.

Dover White matched well except on the gloss. It is a little too new looking. I am confident the bottom of the cabinet will get the proper abuse to dim it down like the rest of the cabinet.

Photos: Bondo Work

Bondo Bottom

The bottom edge of this game was fraying and crumbling. We remedied that with some Bondo and patience. Bondo is great for making crumbling particle board solid again but it is a slow process. Every time I try to rush it, I get bad results. Therefore slow and steady is my course.

Painted Pink

The gouges and cuts also invaded the pink areas. I masked them off and repainted. They will be much nicer after they dry.

Photos: Pink