Cap Open

Turns out the audio problem was caused by a 2200μF 25V Capacitor that was testing open. Soldered a new one in place and it is sounding great again.

Back in the Shop

LeMans has developed a hum in the audio. The customer was not happy after only a month of service. We went to fix it but did not have the parts to complete an on site repair. We loaded it back in the truck and brought it to the shop.

Door On!

The door is dry. I replaced the lock and put the door on. It looks great and is ready for Sale.

Photos: FOR SALE

Added Cooling

We added a fan because the audio amp is on board and was running hot! It adds a little noise at start up, but will probably prolong the board life.

Light Fixed-Ture

The old fluorescent was not starting. The ballast is too far gone. I placed a new fixture above it and stole the power leads. Works great, looks bright, and the old one is there if a future owner wants to go old school!

Shored Up

The cabinet bottom back was a little loose and worn. We screwed and glued it back in proper position and the cabinet just felt stronger. It did impinge on the back door space slightly, maybe an 1/8”. Tonight we trimmed the door that sliver, painted the exposed wood and let it dry.

Near Miss

I was working on the Marquee light today and one of the power leads slipped and touched the grounded frame. Crackle, Snap, no power. I thought I blew a fuse or worse. The GFCI kicked in and saved my bacon.

I reset and it is working fine. Now I must be more careful when test AC voltage.

Spare Testing

We acquired a spare monitor in a multigame trade. It is out of a Kee Games Sprint 2 but is compatible. We wired it and played LeMans again. This may be kept as a spare or end up in one of the Midway games like Gun Fight or Space Encounters

Finishing Touchs

We tested the voltage and placed the PCB inside. We played Lemans!

We were burn testing when I tried to move the cord and shorted it! Got a nice little burn on my fingers. Looks like the original cord was under the game while it was dragged. The insulation on the under side of the cord was scraped away for several inches. When I twisted it in the move it shorted.

We replaced the cord and connectors.

Next we checked all the lights. Replaced the dead bulbs and ordered the ones we did not have on hand.

Fixed Board

Alex fixed one of the LeMans boards. We need to test voltage and plug it in.

Control Check

Plugged in the boards and checked out the working status of this unit. One board has video issues, but we were able to check the gas, brake, steering, start, and all 4 gears. We tried the second board which was better on video (though not working). Could not coin it up though.


I picked up a LeMans Black and White racing game. It is in good shape, have to get it working though.